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School for Japanese Martial Arts and Healing Arts

The Yotsume Dojo and SOJHA (School of Japanese Healing Arts) are both my schools for Japanese martial arts and various bodywork arts such as Koho Anma, Sokushindo, Kotsuban Yumeiho (Seitai), and Anpuku. My school and private clinic are located in Fountain Hills, Arizona

Forging (by heating yourself in a fire) a clear road ahead is found! Let us never forget that the focal point in a Japanese Dojo is the “Kagami” mirror. We must train to keep our mirror clean so we can reflect well. This term can be broken also into three characters of Ka, Ga, and Mi. This is at the very “heart” of why we train!

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Anma Institute of Traditional Japanese Massage

From 1991 through 1996 I attended the Anma Institute and graduated from various courses in Anma 按摩 (Traditional Japanese Massage). This training would mark the beginning of my life’s work in the pursuit of authentic Anma training in Japan. The Anma Institute was originally setup by Takashi Nakamura, a Anma practitioner from the Kansai Shinkyu Tanki Daigaku 関西鍼灸短期大学 (School of Massage, Acupuncture and Moxibustion) in Osaka, Japan, to provide a local source of Anma therapists for the then only Japan sanctioned hot springs in the United States located in Japan Town San Francisco, California.

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The Songs of Hakko-ryu

Shodai Soke Okuyama had two very famous singers create two Rōkyoku 浪曲 traditional style Uta 唄 (songs) that are accompanied by a Shamisen to tell the “story” of Hakko-ryu Jujutsu 八光流柔術. These two songs and the dance were recorded and released on two small disks that came with a pamphlet that included the lyrics for each song.

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Curriculum of the

Yoshitsune Dojo ~ Nansei (Southwest)

Yoshitsune Waza

Hakko Ryu Higi Densho


Sekiguchi-ryu Jujutsu Gokuhi Zukai 001


Kito Ryu 3 Maki and Kyusho Set 002



Jigen-ryu Maki


Mr D Hanbo Tsuki


Goshindo Kenpo Cover

Goshindo Kenpo

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