Forging (by heating yourself in a fire) a clear road ahead is found! Let us never forget that the focal point in a Japanese Dojo is the “Kagami” mirror. We must train to keep our mirror clean so we can reflect well. This term can be broken also into three characters of Ka, Ga, and Mi. This is at the very “heart” of why we train!

The Yotsume Dojo and SOJHA (School of Japanese Healing Arts) are both my schools for Japanese martial arts and various bodywork arts such as Koho Anma, Sokushindo, Kotsuban Yumeiho (Seitai), and Anpuku. My school and private clinic are located in Fountain Hills, Arizona

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Yoshida-ryū Shinketsu Hō

吉田流鍼穴法 Yoshida-ryū Shinketsu Hō (Yoshida Style Acupoint Method) I would like to explain about the secret family manuscript from the Yoshida-ryu titled: Yoshida-ryū Shinketsu Hō 吉田流鍼穴法 (Yoshida Style Acupoint Method). This secret manuscript (Kudensho 口伝書) explains/decodes their Kahi Shinketsu 家秘鍼穴 (Family Secret Acupoints) and explains

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Yoshida-ryū Anma

I would like to introduce for the first time in English details about the Yoshida-ryū 吉田流, one of the few remaining traditions of Anma 按摩 (Japanese massage). Each school or style of Anma has its unique development and characteristics. Yoshida-ryu also has their own form of Shinkyū 鍼灸 (acupuncture and moxibustion).

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Shiatsu Hō

Shiatsu Hō 指壓法 Finger Pressure Method by Tamai Tenpeki 玉井天碧 I am providing here for everyone my first ever English translation of the Mokuji 目次 (Table of Contents) of Tamai Tenpeki 玉井天碧 book: Shiatsu Hō 指壓法. NOTE: If you share this translation please give the proper

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Idō Nichiyō Kōmoku

This Japanese medical manual was written by Hongō Masatoyo 本郷正豊 in 1709. This early manuscript was designed for use by medical students who were going to become physicians. There are chapters on obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, massage, pharmacology (giving prescriptions), moxibustion, and acupuncture.

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Juho Anma Hō

By receiving Anma people lose their illness caused by sick blood and energy. If the body is weak and the blood circulation is poor, the result is illness. The person does not become ill if they constantly exercise their hands, feet, or body, and they consume good food and maintain the circulation of blood and fluids, in this manner they do not become ill.

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Yoshitsune Dojo ~ Nansei (Southwest)

Yoshitsune Waza

Hakko Ryu Higi Densho


Sekiguchi-ryu Jujutsu Gokuhi Zukai 001


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Jigen-ryu Maki


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Goshindo Kenpo

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