Weapons Training of the Bujinkan


During our training we explore many aspects of weapons training along with the traditional techniques associated with each weapon. The fundamental principle of this training for Kyu (lower ranks) is to utilize weapons training to enhance the study of Taijutsu (unarmed fighting). As one progresses through middle and upper ranks, the focus of weapons training changes and becomes more in-depth and specialized. Weapons training can be grouped into five major categories of study:


Rokushaku Bojutsu (Staff Fighting)

1. Stick (Staff) Weapons

Various lengths and constructions of stick weapons are studied. This area is very important to understand well before one can handle correctly other types of pole arms. Some examples are:

     Yubibo - Finger Stick

     Tanbo - Clubs, Nightsticks

     Sanshaku Bo (Hanbo) - Three Foot Stick

     Yonshaku Bo (Jo) - Four Foot Staff

     Rokushaku Bo - Six Foot Staff

     Nyoi Bo - Very Large Heavy Staff


Kenjutsu (Sword Fighting)

2. Bladed Weapons

This area of training includes many types of knifes, swords, and pole arms which include attached blades. Some examples of the weapons in this category of training are:

     Tanto - Knifes

     Shoto (Kodachi, Wakizashi) - Short Swords

     Katana (Tachi, Daito) - Long Swords

     Yari - Spears

     Naginata, Nagamaki, Bisento - Halberd Weapons


Kusari Gama (Chain & Sickle)

3. Flexible Weapons

This category of weaponry includes various lengths of rope and chains with and without attached weapons. Some examples of flexible weapons are:

     Hojo (Torinawa) - Arresting Rope

     Kagi Nawa - Hook & Rope

     Kusari Fundo - Chain & Weights

     Kusari Gama - Chain & Sickle

     Chigiriki - Staff & Weighted Chain


Metsubushi (Removing The Sight)

4. Projectile Weapons

Any weapon may be utilized as a projectile weapon once thrown. Various types of blades, knifes as well as archery and modern firearms are studied. Examples of projectile weapons are:

     Shuriken - Throwing Blades & Spikes

     Metsubushi - Sight Removing Substances

     Kyu - Archery

     Teppo - Firearms


Shuko (Hand Claws)

5. Specialized Weapons

This category of weaponry includes a wide range of tools from small concealable weapons, to larger specialized weapons that are unique to a specific school. This includes weapons and tools that are purely Ninjutsu (unconventional).

     Jutte, Tessen, Kunai - Truncheon, Iron Fan, Digging Tool

     Toami - Fishing Net

     Makibishi, Tetsubishi - Floor Spikes

     Kyoketsu Shoge - Small Sickle & Rope

     Shuko, Ashiko - Hand & Foot Claws

     Shikomizue, Mezashi - Loaded Staffs & Canes

     Ogama, Ono, Monpa - Battlefield Size Sickle, Axe & Hammer

     Kakushi Buki - Hidden Weapons

     Ningu - Ninjutsu Tools & Gear


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