Dojo Clinic

Held Every Third Sunday of the Month


Dojo clinics focus on specific essential topics of training in an intensive class on a regular basis once a month. Please contact me to confirm your attendance.


Next Clinic - Sunday TBA


               Time:  4pm - 8pm

               Date:  Usually every third Sunday of the month

               Cost:   $20 members $40 non-members

               Bring: Tanto, Shoto, Bokken, Hanbo, Jo, Bo, Rope


~ Topic of the Month ~

Sanshin no Kata & Kihon Happo


Sanshin no Kata represents the most important feelings as a martial artist. They are very simple movements, something we do intrinsically and naturally. Very uncomplicated! The point to these movements is to move naturally and to not make forms intentionally. Once these forms are mastered, one must train them with weapons.


Kihon Happo are eight techniques that comprise the basis for all of our martial art, whether one is unarmed or armed. Each form must lead to another eight variations and each variation yet another eight until one grasps infinity. Once these eight forms are mastered one must combine them with the study of weapons.





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