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These pages on Jujutsu are dedicated to Mike DePasquale Sr. and to his teacher Junji Saito Sensei. My reason for posting these pages on my website is to accurately represent my training beginning in 1976. A number of the above listed schools are currently active in Japan. It is my intention only to represent what I was taught during my training under my teacher Mike DePasquale Sr. I hope you enjoy these pages as I am in the process of making them reflect even more the personal training I received.





Jujutsu no Kihon

"Be able to judge the force of an enemy’s attack and use it against them before it takes effect. Do not use your own power to handle a situation. Give up self-power, throw away your own power. In a confrontation be able to bring an opponent off balance. If possible, evade an attack. Know how to attack without necessarily being able to reach the weak points. Know how to topple an opponent by making use of leverage. Know how to immobilize an opponent with grappling, strangling or striking. Know how to strike the vital points of the body in such a way as to produce loss of consciousness, varying degrees of injury and even death. Also, one must be proficient in how to heal with the art of vital points. When confronted by the enemy and a feeling rises up in yourself that this is the enemy; it means that your heart is moving. This is already a type of loss. Capture the spirit of Hontai, Fudoshin and Fudochi."

“If the enemy turns upon us we meet them; if they leave we let them leave.

Facing the enemy we accord with them!

Five and five are ten, two and eight are ten, and nine and one are ten.

Always a nine but never a ten!  All this shows is accord.”

(Excerpt from the Ryuko no Maki)




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