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Some Benefits of Martial Arts For Kids

Self Confidence

For many children, self confidence is learned and doesn't always come naturally. As a child accomplishes new goals and develops new skills, their confidence level steadily increases. With  martial arts training children become more self confident because they are allowed to progress at their own pace and are in no way compared to others.


Increased Coordination

Martial Arts training unifies the entire body and mind together, developing coordination, balance, agility and inner peace. These traits are often overlooked and not fully developed as our children grow and mature. These skills are essential components in our lives.


Better Grades & Study Skills

Training in the  martial arts leads to being a better student. Every child learns to follow directions, pay attention in class and participate in class activities. "Mitori Geiko" means to look, listen and learn. This philosophy helps children be better students as they learn to focus. As a child trains in the martial arts there is an inner development and discovering of their interests in life which leads them to naturally want to study and learn on their own.


Self Discipline

Martial Arts will help your child to discover that through self discipline and perseverance they can accomplish anything when they truly apply themselves to any given task. The development of a spirit which never gives up goes hand in hand with martial arts training.


Self Defense

Martial Arts teaches children to think instead of panic in potentially serious situations as well as how to react to threats from others. Children are taught to lend a helping hand and not to be a bully to others. Only applied as a last resort for self-defense, your child will learn practical martial arts skills that get integrated into all aspects of their lives. They learn how and why not to fight as their moral character and values grow strong as they learn that all life is precious.


To find out more about the instructor, please refer to my Bio page. The Bujinkan Yotsume Dojo is located in Fountain Hills, Arizona USA. If you would like to receive further information about our training, please fill out and submit the form found on the Request Information page.


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