The Nine Schools of the Bujinkan



The Bujinkan is an amalgamation of nine schools (Kuryuha) of both Ninjutsu (unconventional) and Bujutsu (standard) martial arts. Where conventional martial arts leave off the study of Ninjutsu begins as a continuation. During our training we will cover the forms (Kata) and feelings from each of the nine schools. Each school or Ryu has its own flavor or style of applying unarmed and armed techniques. Each one of the nine Ryu has a large curriculum of techniques and a rich heritage of philosophical as well as martial teachings which span back over 2000 years of history. All of the nine schools teach Jissen Gata (real fighting forms) and have been used on the battlefield during war times. The forms contained in these schools are as valid in our day and age as they were centuries ago. This is because the forms are always being applied to current times and have been updated as time progresses and trends change in history.


One must be cautious when entering into Kata training that you guard against becoming a collector of techniques. As you study form (Kata) you must also study variations (Henka) and then practical applications (Tekiyo). We do this Kata, Henka, Tekiyo process of training to discover the feeling or spirit of the form, not just to memorize set forms and movements. The empty memorizing of forms is lifeless and leads you away from the true spirit of martial arts. Hatsumi Sensei year after year teaches how to discover the feeling and spirit of true martial arts by throwing away techniques and forms to become zero. This leads to the discovery of the Shinshin Shingan (Mind and Eyes of God). You must grow to understand that the feelings inside the techniques are more important then the techniques themselves. This is the flavor of the Bujinkan and Hatsumi Senseiís teachings.


Togakure Ryu Gyokko Ryu Kukishinden Ryu
Koto Ryu Takagi Yoshin Ryu Shinden Fudo Ryu
Gikan Ryu Gyokkoshin Ryu Kumogakure Ryu




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