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Various Masks Are Applied To Treat Specific Facial Conditions


Japanese Facial Massage is a offshoot of Anma, which is the traditional system of massage in Japan. This system of facial massage is part of the ancient teachings of Oriental Medicine and has been refined by the beauty and cosmetology industry in Japan for over 200 years. This system is now considered a separate discipline in and of its self. Japanese Facial Massage uses the concepts of Oriental Medicine combined with four distinct stages of techniques to improve one's complexion, remove toxins from the face, prevent and remove facial wrinkles and age spots and balance one's emotions and Ki (life force). This improves one's overall health. Japanese Facial Massage produces the equivalent to an acupuncture face lift without the insertion of needles. Unlike facial surgery, Japanese Facial Massage has no ill side effects. Anyone from infant to the elderly adult can benefit from Japanese Facial Massage. It is a very effective method of facial care. It can be applied any place and at anytime.


Health And Beauty


In Japan beauty is considered equal to the optimal state of health. Even the most attractively shaped face cannot be beautiful if the person is not well. Health and beauty are not separate. When a person glows with the radiance of true health, nothing else is necessary for genuine beauty. Oriental Medicine teaches that there are three major factors to true health: physical health, psychological health, and spiritual health. According to this ancient tradition, beauty arises naturally if a person can bring these three factors into harmony. The intent of Japanese Facial Massage is to help prolong this natural, true health and beauty and to prevent disease.


Causes of Facial Imbalances


An ancient Japanese proverb states that a person's face tells everything about them. There are three major factors to help us diagnose the world of information contained on our face:

  1. So In- genetic and inherited factors which may cause freckles, skin tones, oily or dry skin, and facial hair.

  2. Gai In- external factors within our environment such as excessive heat, cold, dampness, and dryness.

  3. Nai In- internal factors which are imbalances caused by excessive emotions of sadness, anger, worry, fear, and happiness.

The Four Stages of Japanese Facial Massage

  1. STEAMING STAGE: consists of neck massage and a hot towel facial wrap. Facial Treatments begin with neck massage to improve the circulation to the face. Neck tensions restrict the free flow of blood to the head and face. Sufficient blood flow is needed to supply adequate oxygen and nutrition to the cells to keep the skin healthy and avoid wrinkles. Neck massage also helps the client to relax and this reduces stress which is known to cause premature aging in the face. Next the face is steamed by wrapping the face with a very warm towel. This opens all the pours of the face and prepares the client for the cleansing stage of the treatment. This also relaxes all the senses of the body producing profound relaxation.

  2. CLEANSING STAGE: uses a cleanser to remove excessive oil and dirt. During this stage a water based cleanser is applied to the face to remove excessive oil and dirt from the skin. Facial massage is emphasized at this stage of the treatment. Very fast and light techniques are used to massage deep into the facial muscles to remove tensions.

  3. MOISTURIZING STAGE: uses a moisturizer to repair skin conditions. The third stage massages a moisturizer cream into the face with many of the same methods from the previous stage. This procedure helps repair skin conditions.

  4. ENERGIZING STAGE: uses meridian energy pathways and Tsubo or acupoints of the face to balance the internal organs. This stage is unique to Japanese Facial Massage. This consists of energizing the face by stimulating pressure points (Tsubo) to give similar effects to an Acupuncture face lift without the insertion of needles. Meridians (Keiraku) are stroked to improve Ki (energy) flow through the face. This also balances the internal organs of the body. In Oriental medicine, there are only a few places on the body where one has access to the important turn around points of energy pathways. The feet, the hands, and the third area is the face. When these important turn around points are stimulated it helps balance the energy pathways which in turn balances the organs of the body.




Duration and Frequency of Treatments

A Japanese Facial Massage treatment will generally take no longer than 30 minutes. This is to prevent over stimulation to the face. One should receive this treatment once a week for best results. This service is only provided to clients who come to the Yotsume Anma Dojo directly or for those who wish to offer Japanese Facial Massage in their salons. Out calls are not offered for this service.



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