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The Mission of the Yotsume Anma Dojo


The mission of the Yotsume Anma Dojo is to see skilled touch become recognized as a basic requirement for health and well being. We must grow to understand that touch is essential for developing and maintaining physical and psychosocial health and is a fundamental requirement for human development and growth. Touch is essential to healing, which in the original sense means "to make whole". In our touch history the absence of positive touch, like the absence of food and water, results in people developing a wide range of unhealthy symptoms.


Many of the health problems found in society are the result of living unnaturally. Stress, tension, lack of regular exercise, and poor eating habits all contribute to the many diseases in our society. The Yotsume Anma Dojo was founded to provide people with a service that would enable them to explore their own health. The Yotsume Anma Dojo has chosen the art of Anma, traditional Japanese massage and bodywork, as a vehicle for this service to the community. True massage is not just massage but part of medicine. The kind of medicine that people can do for themselves...


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Bujinkan Yotsume Dojo

School For Traditional Japanese Martial Arts


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The Bujinkan was founded by Masaaki Hatsumi, the Soke of nine schools (Kuryuha) of Ninpo and Budo. These nine schools trace their roots back well over 1000 years to various regions of Japan. Unconventional skills of scouting, spying and commando assault were used by many political leaders and generals in the struggle to unify Japan over 500 years ago. Each of the nine schools are traditions of “Jissen Gata” which means real fighting forms. Today we focus on the cultivation and development of a true warrior heart, using the same real fighting skills forged over hundreds of years of survival and endurance.



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