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"This Kanji means "Joy" in Japanese. Without joy in life our bodies become stressed and we develop many physical problems. The focus of Oriental Medicine is "preventative medicine". I developed a new healing system based on the ancient Chinese herbal heat therapy (Moxibustion) combined with traditional Japanese massage. This new healing system is named Moxage because it incorporates the healing benefits of Moxibustion with Meridian Massage (Anma, Keiraku Shiatsu). Moxage is a non-verbal communication tool as well and an excellent supplement to the practice of Acupuncture, Anma, Shiatsu, Tuina, Western-Swedish Massage or any other healing art. I hope you experience joy and the healing benefits of Moxage."


Yoshiaki Nakano Sensei

Zen Health Education & Moxage Founder




















History & Development of Moxage


Moxibustion is a method of burning a Moxa herb stick above the skin along the body's energetic pathways and at specific acupoints to support and restore good health. The heat applied indirectly penetrates deeply into the body to release energy blockages, balance the flow of energy and increase the circulation of Ki.


Moxibustion has been used in Asia for centuries. Moxage is a gentle heat and massage system. Therapeutic heat application with Moxage compared to traditional Moxibustion is easy to apply and safely allows for heat to penetrate over a larger area of the body. In the Moxage system, Moxa sticks are used with a specially designed massage tool made with wood from the Japanese rubber tree. The wooden Moxa holder designed for Moxage is a comfortable massage tool that allows heat to penetrate deeply and quickly. This mildly sedating soothing approach has a beneficial effect on the nervous system (Shinkei).

Moxage can be useful for many conditions including Insomnia, Asthma, Coughs, Colds, Digestive Disorders, Diarrhea, Prostate Disorders, Joint Pains, Injuries, Traumas, Muscle Cramps, Lowered Immunity and Poor Circulation. Moxage is especially effective when the receiver is suffering from cold and damp conditions associated with Menstrual and Reproductive Disorders. Moxage can also be a helpful friend to parents with cranky or hysterical children.



Benefits of the Moxage System


The Abdominal Brain Digestive System:
Most people have tension in the abdomen that corresponds with mental and emotional stress. Moxage will help relax and relieve this tension.

Respiratory, Digestive & Reproductive Systems:
Moxage applied to the front of the body can be beneficial for respiratory, digestive and the reproductive systems. Nervous tension is related to the respiratory system. Moxage along the clavicle bones and upper chest to the sternum will help sooth the Nervous System. Moxage to this area is also for Asthma, Coughs and Insomnia. Moxage on the upper abdomen to the navel area is for digestive disorders. Lower abdomen Moxage is for a variety of reproductive disorders.

Circulatory System:
Moxage on the inner arm is for the respiratory and circulatory systems. Inner arm Moxage helps calm the nervous system, sooth anxiety, increases circulation and relieves Insomnia.

Reproductive System:
Moxage to the inner ankle relates to the reproductive system. This is for strengthening vitality and sexual energy. Inner leg Moxage helps digestive and lymphatic systems and can be helpful for those with diabetes, prostrate problems, hormonal imbalances and menstrual disorders.

Yang Meridian Moxage:
Moxage on the back of the body is beneficial for reproductive, respiratory and nervous systems. Applications to the upper back can be beneficial to the respiratory system by relaxing the mind and the lungs allowing for deep breathing. Moxage to the middle of the back can aid digestion. Lower back and sacral area Moxage benefits the reproductive and nervous systems. Lower back Moxage is also good for a variety of back problems including sciatica and herniated disks. Moxage on the back relaxes the central nervous system. Application of heat to the back of the neck can help release mental stress and neck stiffness. Moxage along the back of each leg, back of knees and soles of feet will increase body temperature and vitality. This sooths the central nervous system and relaxes muscle cramps.



Contraindications For Moxage

  • Pregnancy

  • High Fever

  • Inflammations

  • Smoke Allergies

  • Skin Disease

Areas will be avoided that have: cuts, bruises, abrasions and burns Moxage is never applied over the Liver organ under the right ribcage. The Moxage treatment session lasts no more then 20 minutes to avoid adverse effects of over treatment with a moxibustion heat therapy.




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