Budo Seiho

Martial Art Recuperative Massage




(Palm Rubbing & Kidney Pressure Method)



Roku Myakushin Ho

(Diagnosing The Six Pulses)



Seikotsu Ho - Bone Correcting


Budo Seiho is used to relax muscles and joints and to treat any minor injuries which might occur during martial arts training. Tsubo vital points of the body are used with appropriate force in the right direction and with the right duration for healing purposes. At higher levels Kappo resuscitation methods are taught.


Budo Seiho training consists of the follow categories of study:

Seikinniku Ho Relaxing the muscles


Seikei Ho Balancing the organ meridians and nerves


Seimyaku Ho Balancing the peripheral meridians and blood vessels  
Doshin Undo Ho Mobility examinations and movement exercises  
Seikotsu Ho Correcting bone and joint alignment
Kappo Resuscitation methods
Kyuho Martial art emergency first aid, bandaging, splinting
Seishin Ho Calming the heart and mind  

Seiho Gokui - (Essential Secret Teaching) When you practice Seiho you put healing Ki energy and intension into the practice that the other person benefits from by unblocking stagnations. When you become good at this it becomes possible to give the same healing benefit during martial art techniques of fighting. This is known as Intoku Kaho a good done in secret. You must train so that the power of even one of your fingers brings back certain health.



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