Website Updates


April, 22nd 2007

Our school is now relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona. Courses and workshops will be offered for the Japanese arts found on this site. Stay Tuned!


August, 31st 2005

Redesigned the site menu with a drop down style menu. This allows for a cleaner layout. Massage therapy will soon be offered in Curwensville, PA. The Clinic will be opened in the next couple of weeks as soon as our interior remodeling is completed. Check back for clinic and services updates.


May, 17th 2005

The Bujinkan Yotsume Dojo is now open!!! Martial Art classes for adults and kids are now offered. Massage Services will soon begin at out clinic, which is located inside our martial arts school. Please visit the Bujinkan Yotsume Dojo portion of my website for more information. IT'S TIME TO TRAIN!!!


December, 7th 2004

The Yotsume Anma Dojo is relocating to Pennsylvania and will be open in our new location in early January 2005. The development of a school for Japanese massage and martial arts will follow shortly. STAY TUNED!


February, 12th 2004

I've added a Photo Gallery page. This page will be used to provide a visual example of various eastern healing arts and their related training events.


September, 27th 2003

Moxage page is ready. Also, added recommended links and the Anma Kosei Ho page. Many more updates to my website will follow in the coming weeks.


December, 26th 2002

Spanish version of the Koho Anma (Japanese Massage) page has been added! This is the beginning of a multilingual website project for the Yotsume Anma Dojo.


December, 19th 2002

First draft of the page on Japanese Facial Massage is ready and has been added to the site. Many more pages will be added soon!


December, 18th 2002

Introducing the launch of the new Yotsume Anma Dojo website!

This page will be used to allow you to quickly track what's been updated since your last visit to my website. First draft of the page on Koho Anma (Traditional Japanese Massage & Bodywork) is ready and has been added to the site. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!




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