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The benefits of learning massage and bodywork are endless. While practicing massage or skilled touch, you learn more about yourself and this naturally helps you improve and prevent illness. Massage is also a way of communicating with others. It nourishes and improves relationships and is energy uplifting. Massage is a form of inner self development which allows you to develop the qualities of a pure heart. You see there is a larger picture behind giving or receiving any style of massage or bodywork... Participating in healthy skilled touch, whether between family members, loved ones, friends or even strangers, serves to keep people together. It deepens the sense of community! This is the goal of the Yotsume Anma Dojo.





Chair Massage

Level I

Friday - Saturday - Sunday

Dates TBA Soon

Level I Chair Training

"Introduction To The Foundation Of Technique"

In this three day workshop, participants will learn very clear techniques in four major working positions with a massage chair. We will cover how to easily perform 10, 15 and 20 minute massage sequences. How to correctly setup the massage chair and adjust it to your client's particular needs will be learned in relationship to the style of techniques applied. Proper body alignment and posture is an essential point that will be drilled thoroughly.

All techniques learned will be from the art of Anma - Japanese massage. This is the original art that went into the creation of the first massage chair. Anma is an ideal art for applying chair massage techniques because no oil is needed and the client does not have to remove their clothing.

It is important to understand that proper chair massage training is needed to ensure the quality of your practice. Many people have a poor understanding of chair massage techniques with the common misunderstanding that chair massage is nothing more then applying table massage techniques in a seated position. What is needed is clarity in training and this will reflect in the quality of your skills and touch. With precise techniques comes precise results! This is the intention and focus of the Level I chair massage training.

Chair Massage Level I Cost: $200

Location: TBA Soon

Times: Friday 6pm-10pm Saturday 10am-6pm Sunday 10am-6pm

All participants will be supplied with a workshop manual





Chair Massage

Level II

Friday - Saturday - Sunday

Dates TBA Soon


Level II Chair Training

"Advanced Applications & Tracking Results"

  1. Advanced applications of chair massage techniques.

  2. How to track and report changes in clients in a business setting.

  3. How to adjust techniques in relationship to the type of public event.

Level II Workshop Details and Dates TBA Soon!






Chair Massage

Level III

Friday - Saturday - Sunday

Dates TBA Soon


Level III Chair Training

"Marketing Chair Massage"

  1. How to setup a chair massage business.

  2. Marketing chair massage.

  3. Event planning.

  4. Setup of a corporate wellness program for employees.

Level III Workshop Details and Dates TBA Soon!





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