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Have you always wanted to study martial arts but never had the time because of your schedule? Do you need to learn Self-Defense because of your job or travels or just want to personally feel safe but don't have the time because of kids, work or other scheduling conflicts? Private lessons are a great way to get specialized and personal training tailored to your needs and schedule.


For law enforcement or military personal who wish to receive private training other special arrangements can be made.


The focus of your lessons can be:

  • Topics set by the instructor.

  • Situations which you are involved in and need training to handle.

  • Weapons training.

  • Any skill area of the martial arts that you are interested in learning more about.

Private Lesson Packages:

  • Package Lessons: $50 for 1 hour sessions, minimum 5 sessions during the week or weekend.

  • Single Lesson: $125 for 3 hour individual session intensives on a weekend. Up to two people may participate in this private lesson and split the cost. Additional people you wish to attend this single lesson must pay the single lesson fee of their own.

NOTE: Payment can be made by either cash or credit card. No checks accepted.


We Accept:



The Bujinkan Yotsume Dojo is located in Fountain Hills, Arizona USA. To receive further information or ask questions about our training, please fill out and submit the form found on the Request Information page.


You may also contact us directly at:



Bujinkan Yotsume Dojo

School For Traditional Japanese Martial Arts

Billy Ristuccia, Head Instructor

Fountain Hills, Arizona

(480) 294-0192

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