Anma Shugi 按摩手技

Categories of Techniques, Naming Procedure, and Handing Methods

The 9 Major Categories of Anma Techniques

There are nine major categories of techniques within the art of Anma. Seven are original and two were added later on: (Kyosatsu Ho and Haaku Ho). Also, the Kyokute Ho methods are only found within the Japanese tradition of Anma and not in any other art form. Each section allows you to work the body in a uniquely different way. These nine sections create various effects that assist in the achievement of the goals of Anma Therapy. During an Anma massage all nine areas are utilized which creates a very complete full body therapy. In Japan some therapist specialize in applying only three or four sections of techniques in combination for their practice. Another use of Anma techniques is the cultivation of the therapist’s own health. As a whole human beings have grown very weak in health, endurance, and we use less of our brain’s capacity. Anma techniques are not only designed to help assist the client increase their health but when applied correctly these nine sections of techniques cultivate the therapists health and deepen our consciousness and expand our awareness as well. So Anma massage is also a kind of spiritual practice and meditation which allows one to become a better human being. These techniques are directed at specific Tsubo (vital points) and Keiraku (meridian energy pathways) of the body. Methods of Anpuku 按腹 (abdominal palpitation and therapy), developed by Shinsai Ota in the seventeenth century, are also used.

The true essence of Kohō Anma training is hidden in the methods of mastering one’s Shugi 手技 (hand procedures). This is exactly like apprenticing under a master of ‘sword polishing’ in Japan. The process of forging your techniques takes many years! There is no graduation date! Just a lifelong dedication to the mastering of the art form.

  1. Keisatsu Ho 軽擦法 Light stroking techniques also known as Anbu Ho 按撫法
  2. Kyosatsu Ho 強擦法 Rotation & stroking with heavy pressure also known as Annetsu Ho 按捏法
  3. Junen Ho 柔念法 Kneading techniques also known as Junetsu Ho 柔捏法
  4. Appaku Ho 圧迫法 Pressure technique
  5. Shinsen Ho 振せ法 Vibration techniques
    • Gaishin 外振 Outer vibration
    • Naishin 内振 Inner vibration
  6. Haaku Ho 把握法 Gripping and squeezing techniques
  7. Koda Ho 卯打法 Percussion techniques
  8. Kyokute Ho 曲手法 Melodious bending hand percussion techniques
  9. Undo Ho 運動法 Movement, stretching and rehabilitation techniques
    • Jido Undo Ho 自動運動法 Movement by yourself combined with equipment
    • Tado Undo Ho 他動運動法 Movement by the therapist
    • Shincho Undo Ho 伸张運動法 Stretching methods
    • Teiko Undo Ho 抵抗運動法 Testing, resistance and exercising methods
    • Kyosei Ho 矯正法 Structural diagnosis bone and joint adjustment methods

Shugi-Mei 手技名

Hand Techniques Naming Procedure

Below is explained how the techniques of Anma are named by touching tool (body part) and category of technique utilized. This naming process holds true for most of the techniques of Anma. There are some techniques which have their own special nicknames. We find this often in the Kyokute Ho category of techniques.

Anma Shugi-Mei 按摩手技名
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